The Innovators Kazim

Sagar Veena is a completely new addition to the existing variety of stringed Instruments for playing North Indian Classical Music (NICM), and a new invention  in musical instruments altogether.

The designing and making of ‘Sagar Veena’, the first non-fretted
stringed instrument for Indian Classical music with a completely
original design and structure is another achievement of Raza.
The current version of the Sagar Veena, having passed through seven
prototypes, is a product of dynamic research and experimentation
process carried out by Raza since 1970. During this period he has
been receiving the cooperation of his daughter, Noor Zehra, in
practically testing the potential of the instrument as a serious
musician. She is currently the sole Sagar Veena player, and has
been rendering performances on the Instrument on various occasions
within and outside of Pakistan. In the making of the Sagar Veena
and developing its craft, major contributions have come from the
professional Instrument Maker Mohammed Riaz.

Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts
13 Gulberg 5, Off Zafar Ali Road,
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 00 92 42 5712193

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