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In conversation with Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar-first woman player of the Vichitra Veena

Uttara Shahani spoke to Radhika Budhkar for (@uttaras and @TheMusicofIndia). Some of the questions posed to Dr Budhkar were from twitterati. Thanks to @zenmotherhood, @tablamontreal, @goodbells, @mattamayura, @taimur_org and @TheMusicofIndia. Picture Credits: Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar Clips of Dr … Continue reading

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Ustad Shamsuddin Faridi Desai (1938-2011)

Another Rudra Veena Maestro, Ustad Shamsuddin Faridi Desai has passed away. Excerpts from interview with Lyle Wachovsky, “The Qadri Sufis regard music as a pathway to God” ( April 2004) can be found here. Downloads of Ustadji playing Ragas Bhupali … Continue reading

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Vainika Smt E Gayathri talks about the parts of the Saraswati Veena

This is part of a series: ** CONTENTS: 1. History and Artist Profile 2. Introduction 3. Parts of Veena 4. Tuning of Veena 5. Sitting Posture 6. Handling Ways 7. Types of Veena 8. How to Pluck the String 9. … Continue reading

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