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Something to fret about

The decreasing graph of its popularity is like a tragedy where every character makes an inconspicuous exit after a long powerful presence. Thanks to a few alert conservationists and scholars, several ancestral variants of the veena still rest as museum … Continue reading

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The Veena maker of Gandhi Bazaar

The first and obvious thing you will notice when you enter Raju’s shop are the Veenas – and lots of them, of all varieties. Ofcourse, you’ll also notice Raju himself – a bespectacled, middle aged man with a moustache working … Continue reading

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Live Webcast-A Mehfil with Ustad Baha-ud-din Mohiuddin Dagar

Date: December 14,2012 Time: 06:30 pm Venue: C. D. Deshmukh Auditorium Event Title: A Mehfil with Ustad Baha-ud-din Mohiuddin Dagar Description: Indian Classical Music and Dance Mehfils A Mehfil with Ustad Baha-ud-din Mohiuddin Dagar (Rudra Veena) Accompanied by Pt. Dalchand … Continue reading

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In conversation with Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar-first woman player of the Vichitra Veena

Uttara Shahani spoke to Radhika Budhkar for (@uttaras and @TheMusicofIndia). Some of the questions posed to Dr Budhkar were from twitterati. Thanks to @zenmotherhood, @tablamontreal, @goodbells, @mattamayura, @taimur_org and @TheMusicofIndia. Picture Credits: Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar Clips of Dr … Continue reading

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The Bobilli Veena

Excerpted from the article When strings speak by Aparna Menon in The Hindu: The Bobbili Veena from Andhra Pradesh was made by the craftsmen of the Sarwasiddi community of Gollapali. Instrumental music has always been a part of Indian Culture … Continue reading

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