About Us

The information that is available on the different types of Veena and Veena players is currently scattered in a few different places on the web. We hope to make this a one stop resource on the Indian Veena. The many forms of this beautiful instrument and the musicians who devote their lives to it are deserving of far more attention.

There is a sense of despair sometimes as there are some forms of Veena (such as the Rudra Veena and the Vichitra Veena) that are now only played by a few. Not enough people are aware of the wondrous music of the Veena or its rich history. In the South of India the Saraswati Veena is still fortunately played by a good number of talented musicians, however they too face some hurdles.

This site is an effort to promote the Veena, Veena players and Veena makers. We aim to bring the beautiful sound of the Veena to a wider audience. The music that the Veena produces can be as soothing as a mother’s lullaby, an aid to meditation, sleep and massage, a call to prayer, an accompaniment to worship, a lover’s lament or a fast-paced thrilling roller-coaster ride.

This site is currently under development and we work on it in our free time. Please do give us your feedback. This is an entirely voluntary effort and contributions (from adults, children, lay rasikas/music lovers and technical experts) will be very happily received.

Please click here to learn more about the ways in which volunteers can help. All contributions will be duly acknowledged.

To learn more about the team behind the website and to contact us click here.


7 Responses to About Us

  1. indianraga says:

    Very interesting and informative site. I hope you will include other instruments as well. Or this site totally dedicated to just Veena? Congratulations for putting together so much information on Veena.

  2. Zeenat Faridi Desai says:

    Hi I am Zeenat Desai Daughter of Ustad Shamsuddin Faridi Desai. I am living USA in New York.
    I am happy to know about you that you are doing something for Rudra Veena. It is a dying instrument. This is the pride of our Hindustani Music world. I would like to talk to you but, I have no your Telephone noumber please send me your telephone Noumber with code .
    My father was mastro of Rudra veena and the king of the Sufi world he was so kind soul
    this is my telephone no +91 347 768 5534
    take care
    Zeenat Desai
    daughter of Ustad Shamsuddin faridi desai
    the Mestro of Rudra Veena

  3. j s pande says:

    from what i recall desai ji played right handed. the photo shows him playing left handed.the photos need to be corrected.

  4. Om Sagar says:

    Very beautiful to see this site. In approx one week I am taking delivery of an old Rudra Veena that used to belong to Ustad Shamsuddin Faridi Desai. I am very excited about this. At the moment I live at UK.

  5. Om Sagar says:

    Thank you! it hasn’t arrived yet, hopefully in about a week. I met online one English Beenkar – he has studied with the best, It is a traditional veena, frets held by wax, quite plain in appearance (which I personally prefer), estimated around 80 to 100 years old.

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