The Bobilli Veena

Excerpted from the article When strings speak by Aparna Menon in The Hindu:

The Bobbili Veena from Andhra Pradesh was made by the craftsmen of the Sarwasiddi community of Gollapali.

Instrumental music has always been a part of Indian Culture and Heritage. String instruments were used in ancient India and through the ages they have changed in size, shape and quality of sound, depending on the musician’s requirements and the instrument maker’s creativity.

The veena is a string instrument, which is popularly known as the Saraswati Veena. This is because the mythological character Saraswati is always pictured with a veena in her hand. These veenas are made in various parts of Southern India and are hence named after the place they are made in. We have the Tanjore veena from Tamil Nadu, the Mysore veena from Karnataka, the Trivandrum veena from Kerala and the Bobbili veena from Andhra Pradesh.

The Bobbili kingdom was established in the 17th Century by Pedda Rayudu…contine reading the article here.


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