Hindustani Ragas on the Saraswati Veena

The Saraswati Veena is from the South of India and the form of music played on it is usually the Carnatic (South Indian) form of Indian classical music. In the videos below Gopal Kumar and Suvir Misra play Hindustani music (the North Indian form of Indian classical music) on the Saraswati Veena.

Shri Suvir Misra plays Khayal on the Saraswati Veena
Shri Suvir Misra has made efforts to incorporate the Saraswati Veena within the North Indian Classical Music Concert repertoire.Inspired by the legendary Vainika Padma Bhushan Shri S. Balchandar from the Karnatic tradition who developed his`own Sarasvati Vina playing technique, Shri Suvir has also developed a unique fingering method by incorporating and adapting the Rudra Veena fingering techniques which enables playing of fast taans in Khayal Style using Gamakas and Meends. This is a Baithak recording done a couple of years back. Tabla support is provided by Shri Yatinder of Ajrada Gharana.

Shri Gopal Kumar plays Hindustani ragas on the Saraswati Veena
Hindustani Raagas on Veena: Episode-1: SindhuBhairavi

Hindustani Raagas on Veena: Episode-2a,b&c: BairagiBhairav


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